Explore Virtual Reality, make professional music at home, and be the master of your gaming domain.

If you haven’t heard, virtual reality is here and is the wave of the future. This isn’t like many tech fads that come and go. Many companies are investing large chunks of time and money into this new medium, and augmented reality (AR) is expected to take over as the new way to do business soon.

We help find the right VR solution for your home or office. The technology is cutting-edge, but development continues on new ways to experience the medium.

Today, there are mainly two ways to enjoy the experience: a wired, high-quality headset that can utilize a gaming computer’s hardware to maximize graphics quality with the experience, and stand-alone headsets are brand new, allowing users to freely move about the physical world without wires attached. 

The price points for both types of systems are similar, but each have pros and cons. Let us help you find the right solution for your home or business. Just message us for more information and ask any questions you might have.

Dream of making an album of your own some day, or are you needing you create sounds or music for a different project? Are you a singer/songwriter who wants to work in the comfort of her own home?

We help you get a studio set up that matches your needs. Whatever your instrument, whatever your genre, whatever your scope, we can help design a space that gives you what you need out of a computer-based recording system.

No need to make room for mixers and racks: we help you learn how to use those tools in digital form and remain connected if you ever need support in the future. You’ll be amazed at the clarity and control you can achieve with such a small budget!

Contact us with any questions you may have, or set up an initial inspection of your space and tools to get a personalized estimate.

Gaming isn’t anything new anymore, but it is certainly an evolving craft.

Not only do we now play games online instead of just side-by-side, but we now use gaming as entertainment, streaming live feeds of playthroughs to fans all around the world.

If you need help setting up anything gaming-related to enjoy at home, whether it’s streaming Let’s Play feeds, or making video games work across more than one television or monitor, we got you covered. 

We also have lots of free advice for games if you need help shopping for someone fickle, or if you want to find some new, fun party games for your next social event. 

Contact us today with questions or to set up an initial inspection!