Tech Education and Training for Children and Adults

When it comes to tech training, we take a “teach a man to fish” approach. Our baseline goal in all our education endeavors is that our clients feel confident with the new tools they learned.

First, we set your computer up to make sure software is installed and working, and that you have easy access to the internet.

Then, we connect you with the best online courses for the software and skills you want to learn most. No more dry reading–video courses are fun and intuitive. 

We take the time to find the best options for you, then we review them together before you make your choice. We go through a few videos together to confirm you have the hang of it.

Finally, after our hour or two together, we provide support throughout your education–just call, text, or message us whenever you need help.

Please read on and scroll down for more information, pricing, and a form to start your new journey.

We currently offer one-on-one training in your home and on your computer. We do not train children virtually because communication is important and comfort is paramount.

We also work with siblings with a sibling discount, but each would require their own computer for best results.

There is no “best age” to start programming. What is necessary is the ability to follow instructions in order, attention to detail, and a strong concept of cause and effect.

Whether you are starting from scratch and need to learn how to use office applications, social media, or data management; or you are looking to learn new advanced skills like design (graphics, CAD, Game Assets, etc.), programming, computer-based home music studio work, animation, and so on, we are here to give you tools and build your confidence.

We train on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. We only require our students to own their own computer or device that they are learning on. We take care of the rest!

Step 1: Choose Your Subject
We help you learn anything tech-related you want: computer hardware, programming, office software, advanced software, and more.
Step 2: Book Your Time
We work around your schedule and focus on nights and weekends for training hours. Tell us when is best for you.
Step 3: Make Your Payment
Payments must be made before scheduled training begins. We will send an email invoice tailored to your training cost. Payments can also be made over the phone or in person--all secure through PayPal.
Step 4: Purchase Your Software
You will need the software you want to learn installed on your computer. A lot of software comes with free trials. We will ask if you need help with this step during your consultation.
Tell Your Friends!
For every one of your referrals who registers for training with us, we will give you a $10 gift certificate good for any of our services!

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