Introducing Nimbus: no-compromise power that won't compromise your budget.

Here comes the thunderstorm to tame your workload. Introducing Nimbus, the best computer $2k can buy.

Built on the AMD Ryzen Threadripper platform, Nimbus is ready to tear through jobs with 12 cores/24 threads of raw power. Matched with 32GB DDR4 RAM and Radeon Vega 64 Graphics, there is simply nothing Nimbus can’t do.

Need a break? Take Nimbus for a spin through the most demanding games and VR experiences. Nothing is safe from this storm.

No fruit from the orchard can compete at even double the price of Nimbus, and the other competition will be swept up by the flood trying.

Give your creativity free rein and take a tropical vacation with the money you save. You deserve it for making such a smart choice.


We use the NZXT H710i case for our Nimbus builds.

We want our customers to fully enjoy the aesthetics of our cases. This means three things:

1. We use cases that offer both black and white options with easy access side panel windows.

2. Each computer, including the Nimbus line, can either feature no LED, a set LED color theme, or RGB color theme with full user control.

3. If you don’t like this case, we will be happy to build Nimbus inside a case of your own choosing.