White Center Tech's computers are built to last and designed to outperform.

Dollar for dollar, our computers are the fastest machines on the market.

Are you tired of buying computers that feel slow in a year or two, run out of space, or mislead you with advertising and end up not being able to perform the tasks you bought it for?

White Center Tech computers are made to last, not to be replaced. We don’t skimp on crucial components like the competition’s computers, who love to sneak in slow RAM and hard drives, motherboards with upgrade limitations, or inefficient power supplies with no headroom.

Our promise to you is that your new White Center Tech computer will do the job it was designed to do for five years without the need for replacement. Even after that time, our computer platforms are built with easy upgrading in mind.

We also offer the selection of a wide variety of custom computer cases. Your new machine should reflect your personal design tastes. No more ugly, boring PC towers!

We are proud to build our new systems on AMD platforms.

Advanced Micron Devices is celebrating their 50th anniversary in the silicon chip industry. Founded by Jerry Sanders in 1969 and currently lead by superstar CEO Lisa Su, AMD is Intel’s main x86 rival in the processor world.

There are reasons why Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo choose AMD for their gaming systems. There are reasons why Apple is dumping Intel from their machines.

Dollar for dollar, AMD always brings better value to the table than Intel, and White Center Tech is here to bring that value to you, too.